MX Master Programs Tuition Discounts

At KFUPM, we support the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to diversify the economy and become an international destination by providing education programs that graduate talents in diverse and high-demand sectors. Our MX Programs come with a range of discounts designed to make quality education more accessible to our students, our alumni, to Saudi and International students looking to excel in their careers.

Note: More than one discount can be applied per the applicant's eligibility to each category.

  • KFUPM Continuing Scholar Discount: We offer a tuition discount of 60% to students who have recently graduated from a KFUPM Bachelor program and wish to continue at KFUPM to pursue a Graduate degree. For the upcoming admission cycle, students who graduate in terms 231, 232, and 233 are eligible. This is our way of supporting our students to gain a competitive edge and graduate in specialized fields relevant to job market needs.

  • KFUPM Lifelong Learner Discount: A 30% tuition discount is available for KFUPM alumni pursuing a graduate degree at KFUPM, reinforcing our commitment to continuous learning. The initiative supports alumni in their ongoing educational pursuits, facilitating a return to KFUPM for advanced academic achievement in alignment with professional goals and job market demands.

  • Vision 2030 Citizen Discount: A 25% tuition discount is provided for Saudi citizens enrolled in a graduate degree program at KFUPM. This discount aims to empower Saudi citizens with the essential skills and knowledge for emerging sectors, equipping them to be at the forefront of change and contribute significantly to the Saudi Vision 2030.

  • Vision 2030 Destination KSA Discount: A 20% tuition discount is offered to international students applying from outside of Saudi Arabia to a KFUPM graduate degree program. This initiative supports Saudi Vision 2030 to establish the education industry in Saudi Arabia and support the country’s effort to become an international destination for tourism and knowledge sharing. At KFUPM we foster a dynamic academic environment enriched by cultural diversity and unrestricted learning opportunities.

  • Early Bird Discount: A 20% tuition discount is granted to proactive students registering in the early registration cycle (From January 1 to February 11, 2024) for a graduate degree program. This discount rewards the initiative and foresight of students committed to advancing their education and securing a competitive advantage for their future endeavors.